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The Egyptian

The Egyptian - Mika Waltari,  ذبیح‌الله منصوری Well written book that outwardly belongs to an adventure and romance genre, almost a tragicomedy in fact, yet it speaks volumes about who we are, who we have probably always been, and who we will most likely continue to be until we are no more.

Absolutely loaded with fantastic passages and moments with a full spectrum of human emotions at the author's disposal. I've heard that the author actually went borderline crazy, succumbing to bouts of depression and alcoholism while writing this tome - not sure whether that's really true or not - but I kinda understand if he did.

An epic journey not just for Sinuhe and his sidekick Kaptah (who by the way almost steals the whole show) but for the reader as well. It is essentially a journey into your own psyche.

Highly recommended.