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Survivor - Chuck Palahniuk Yea but no but... can't really remember much which is always telling. But I'm sure you can spend your time doing something more fruitful.

I don't really know what - if anything - is bugging Chuckie but it sure seems like he wants people to see him as a weirdo. Begs the question: why? Is he just another attention whore?

Palahniuk hit some nerve with his film adaption of Fight Club, though why exactly I'm not sure. It's not like the book or the film dealt with alienation the first time ever. And his answer was in essence what? To use the system to your own advantage.. and to free some poor caged animals from the zoo like it would help dick? Blow up the whole f*ucking house to pieces?

Yeah, that always helps.

I dunno. All these authors of fiction. Maybe we just don't need them anymore.

Maybe we never have?

PS. I do still clean my microwave oven per Chuck's teaching (though I'm sure he stole the idea from someone else). Works every time. Shit like this is actually useful to the readers. I sense a higher calling for you man. House cleaning, that's where the money's at. Plus doing household chores truly gives us a sense of accomplishment - every single time. Priceless. You're in the wrong business, my friend.