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Slaughterhouse-Five: A Novel

Slaughterhouse-Five - Kurt Vonnegut Read this (years ago) because it was considered a classic. Maybe my first Vonnegut.

I too - like the majority of us I presume - has already seen some footage of Dresden bombing. It surely must have been hellish for civilians living there.

But these days an average person has "seen" so much senseless killing that he is ultimately left cold. Sorry, but the book didn't really make me feel much. It was more or less, meh.

We probably should be shocked about people's "unshockability" (and nonchalant, expedient recoverability) - but we're just not.

The "normal" time frame for a recovery (however that gets defined) is getting shorter by the minute. Today if you mourn the loss of a loved one for more than six months (or a full year - my god!), they say you are hanging onto past, it is not healthy, and it is not right. If one should "only" lose a meaningful relationship, means shit today.

Everything is viewed as a commodity: one thing might be outwardly somewhat different but essentially they are all the same. Just get a new wife, just find a new, better, boyfriend, and so on. Get with the program. The faster, the better. And it's better for the economy, too! Yea!

This is f*cking bullshit. At some point we simply must reserve the term human to some other species that seem to manifest those "human" qualities - I'm sorry - weaknesses.

Ok, end of rant (for now).