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Hearts in Atlantis

Hearts in Atlantis - Stephen King Remember enjoying it.

But I must say that I hate authors making references to past stories they've written inside another story.

It's cute for a 15-year-old, but in King's case just smells like a marketing ploy.

"Ok, so you didn't really like this story that much? Oh you hated it? Oh, I'm so sad to hear that. But listen, I have these other stories that are pretty good. No, I said better. Yes, you must have heard me wrong. You really, really should read them. Because they are awesome! Yeah, I've actually written something like 600 books or there abouts, and guess what - they are all different! Yes they are! Well, they are too. How do you know if you've never read them? Oh yeah, well that was kinda bad, that was just horrible. The doctor said I was in a pretty bad condition back then. But I'm fine now. Then I was drinking like a sponge. Well, what are you into then? Yeah? Does that kinda stuff sell, too? Yeah, I figured it doesn't. That's why I'm writing what I'm writing, you see. Oh, I don't just write horror. Well.. have you read Shawshank's? You have. And the other three? Ok. Well, then, let me see. There's one where I write about writing. What else, ummm... yeeeah, listen, I gotta run soon, so... Well, I have some work to do, I'm sure you understand. Yeaaah I dunno, you should still read my stuff, man - that's all I can say. Okay? Ok, bye!"