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Say You Love Satan - David St. Clair Picked this up from a flea market years ago while away on a vacation just to have something to read. And with a title like that, it was a done deal.

Especially for a former teenager who used to get a real kick out of listening to metal music. Even back then it saved my day pretty much every time when fogies, squares or just loonies saw fit to associate just about any loud music as something that's probably satanic and evil.

Yup, I grew up in one of those towns where some retarded folks will see it necessary to invite a specialist - who is as a rule associated with the church, of course - to give a talk in a local school's auditorium about what is satan worshipping, how it's connected to heavy metal, and what it's doing to our youths. And then in the back row you have the kids with long hair with an obvious distaste for the whole charade.

Anyways, at the very least, I figured, I might find out about some obscure metal band that I've never heard of. And after I'm done, I can just leave the book behind for the next fellow to enjoy or be horrified by it.

Plus, I can't stress enough how important it is to keep on reading about stupid people doing stupid shit. You always learn something. In this case: sleep when it's day time - that way you won't be harassed by cops as no one will think there's anything particularly strange or at least criminal about people having a nap in a broad daylight. Druggies - the most inventive creatures on the planet.

In case the stupidity should take place in the US of A, then all the better. Non-Americans must never cease to see Americans as intellectually inferior to [insert your nationality/race here]. Dunno why, that's just the way it is. Sorry y'all.


So, is it a good book?

Dude... what do you think?

Still, you're always better off with a book, any book, than having to resort to reading milk cartons and bulletin boards. Not that they're bad either. Just not enough to read. Then again, YMMV.


PS. Thank you Dan Still for the tip about The Dead Milkmen's Bad Party. It pretty much sums up the book, and only takes a minute and 52 seconds of your time. Check it out, it's in the u-tube.